Version 4.0.1 of PLINQO Released

Okay, I’m a little behind on blogging. Since I previously wrote multiple posts regarding PLINQO (Professional LINQ-to-SQL), I wanted to drop a quick update that version 4.0.1 was recently released. I also skipped writing about the release of version 4.0.0 because I couldn’t find a definitive enhancement list. I stumbled across it today, so I’m posting both.

Version 4.0.0 Highlights:

  • Futures Support – Allows creation of a queue of objects to be loaded all at once. This differs from the old Multiple Result Sets feature in that it defers execution until the data is really needed. It’s also easier to support more than 2 result sets in a single call.
  • Caching Improvements – Added support for various caching providers including Memcached.
  • Detach/Attach Entities – Added more methods for serialization/deserialization so detached entities can be stored as binary or XML.
  • More DetailsClick here for the full set of enhancements

Version 4.0.1 Highlights:

  • DataContextName – You can finally control the name of the DataContext that is generated. This is long overdue and greatly appreciated.
  • Pagination Improvements – Added methods for NextPage, PreviousPage and GoToPage for PagedList.
  • Null Handling – Added NotNull rule and attribute and improved SQL queries that use null comparisons.
  • More DetailsClick here for the full set of enhancements

I know that some people are a little hesitant of continuing to use LINQ-to-SQL (L2S) given Microsoft’s shift in direction to LINQ-to-Entities (L2E). However, Microsoft has not dropped support for L2S in .NET 4.0. They actually added some features to LINQ-to-SQL in the recent release of .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. L2S is widely adopted and (from what I can tell) MS intends to continue supporting it in future versions of .NET, even though they aren’t going to develop it further.

At this time, the PLINQO team intends to provide LINQ-to-Entities support in a future release. This means that PLINQO users should require little-to-no-work in making the switch to L2E. In the meantime, I’m happy using PLINQO as my primary OR/M on new projects.

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