Microsoft Announces Continued Support for LINQ-to-SQL

I got my weekly MSDN Flash email today and saw an article titled “Top Ten Questions to Microsoft on Data.” I was pleasantly surprised to read the following:

Question #3: Where does Microsoft stand on LINQ to SQL?

Answer: We would like to be very transparent with our customers about our intentions for future innovation with respect to LINQ to SQL and the Entity Framework.

In .NET 4.0, we continue to invest in both technologies. Within LINQ to SQL, we made a number of performance and usability enhancements, as well as updates to the class designer and code generation. Within the Entity Framework, we listened to a great deal to customer feedback and responded with significant investments including better foreign key support, T4 code generation, and POCO support.

Moving forward, Microsoft is committing to supporting both technologies as important parts of the .NET Framework, adding new features that meet customer requirements. We do, however, expect that the bulk of our overall investment will be in the Entity Framework, as this framework is built around the Entity Data Model (EDM). EDM represents a key strategic direction for Microsoft that spans many of our products, including SQL Server, .NET, and Visual Studio. EDM-based tools, languages and frameworks are important technologies that enable our customers and partners to increase productivity across the development lifecycle and enable better integration across applications and data sources.

This is great news for fans of LINQ-to-SQL and PLINQO. There has been much debate over Microsoft’s “official” stance on L2S and it’s nice to see something definitive. I was personally concerned for a while, but my reservations have been put at ease.

If you’re still unsure about using LINQ-to-SQL, please check out my other articles on PLINQO. I’ve tried a slew of OR/M systems (NHibernate, ActiveRecord, NetTiers, Wilson OR Mapper, Table Adapters) and I still find PLINQO to be my best option in most cases. Happy coding!

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