About Kevin Lawry

Kevin LawryI am an entrepreneur and a software architect specializing in Microsoft .NET technology. I started programming as a hobby in 1986 with a Commodore 64, fell in love with technology and I’ve been working at it ever since (26 years). I have a degree in Business Management and Computer Science, and I’ve been developing software professionally for over 15 years.

In my career, I have worked for a vast array of different employers and clients.  I have worked for big companies like G.E. and Prudential, and for a small “Internet start-ups.”  I also did web/software development consulting “on the side” since 1997.  My most recent salaried job was Chief Technology Officer for a real estate software company (2004-2009).  After real estate crashed, I used the knowledge and experience that I have gained over the years, and I took a leap of faith to start my own IT company.

I am the Founder & President of SiteWizard LLC, a company that specializes in website development with content management systems.  My company created SiteWizard CMS which is a full-featured enterprise quality CMS.  Even though I founded SiteWizard LLC in 2009, SiteWizard CMS has been “in the works” in some form since I first started developing content management systems in 2000.

SiteWizard CMS was first released in late 2010 to a limited set of beta customers.  The product has gone through major updates and revisions over the past two years, and it is ready for prime-time widespread customer adoption.  We are preparing for a marketing release before the end of 2012.  We appreciate your encouragement, support and recognition.  If you are interested in being a partner, affiliate or reseller, please contact us to inquire.